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Welcome to the home page for Greenwood Middle School

The mission of Greenwood Middle School is to develop and foster a school culture characterized by high quality, data-driven classroom instruction, culturally responsive community engagement and a commitment to learning for all. We want our students, our families, our staff and the community to be able to easily and quickly locate information about our district and our school. Our students are what matters most, and we want to ensure that we are disseminating timely and accurate information about our district and our school, and we want that information to be accessible to all stakeholders. 

At Greenwood Middle School, we believe that engaged and inspired students will excel. We are committed to building a school culture and community that addresses both the social and emotional needs, as well as the instructional needs of every student. We believe that all students can achieve, and we are committed to working with each student and their families to make that belief a reality. 

Thank you for choosing Greenwood Middle School. 

"As a GMS Tiger, your future is much brighter"